Problems with extra tags being assigned

I’m having terrible trouble with tags. I’ve found that a number of words from the titles of various tasks have become tags. For instance, I have a task “McCartney III released”. The words “McCartney” and “released’ are tags, and I don’t know why. I have tags set to use the Notes field, and the notes field is empty. If I clear tags using a quick action, those 2 words in the task title disappear. But if I add another task using those words, they are still recognised as tags. Under sort options, when I “bring tags from settings”, there are 6 random tags like this. I also have proper tags that are listed fine. Any ideas how this has happened, and how I can get rid of these pseudo-tags?

EDIT: I think I’ve found what’s behind this, but I’m not sure about the resolution. If I’m in a list and pull down to do a search for, say, a single word (on iPad), the search that is created in the sidebar is a list that searches with a Tag filter containing the search word. This is obviously creating unneeded tags whenever I do a search. What am I doing wrong with search? Why is it searching for a tag with my search term? Doesn’t search just search for the text anywhere in a task? And how can I clean up my tags? Thanks.

Hi, @Sddawson, thanks for the feedback.

Currently there is a bug that covers 'Recent Searches' as tags like you've mentioned.

If you keep tags empty or choose 'Bring tags from settings', it'll bring all of them. This will be fixed on next update.

Meanwhile, you can manually select tags to use or remove 'Recent Searches' group and lists under it.


Ok, thank you. I look forward to the next update then!