Project/ shopping cost totalling

Ok so I appreciate this is something that the dev probably isn’t keen on implementing, but has any one managed a shortcut that can be used to create a total cost in a list? Perhaps a shopping list could have the cost in the notes and then an ios shortcut could total selected items?

We have a wish list, a Christmas list and also a building project. All of these have prices and it would be great to see a total cost involved. The only app I’ve found that does this is listonic but it doesn’t really integrate with my workflow.

Any help appreciated.

Been away from the forum for a bit, otherwise I might have picked up on this one sooner.

You may have already found a solution for your query, but here's something you might find useful.

This allows you to set currency within the shortcut. You can select the list each time you run it, or hardwire that in with a little adjustment. When run, the shortcut looks for a cost figure in the titles of incomplete reminders within a specified list. It assumes that you'll only have one cost in each reminder in the list you're focusing on.

Hope it helps, and let me know if anything doesn't make sense or needs adjustment.

You, sir, are a genius!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to resolve this.

Is there away for it to generate a report showing the items in the list, their price and the total. This could then be printed and added to accounting files.

Sorry if I’m asking too much.

Thank you again

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Happy it helps. :wink:

To show a list of items, try this version:

Perfect thank you so much Jacob. I owe you a :beer:

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