Question re "New" (iOS 13 and later) Reminders Database

Until now, I have not upgrade to the "new" iOS 13 Reminders database format, but I'm finally replacing the last device in our family that wasn't compatible. I'm trying to understand what, if anything, will change in terms of how GoodTask works.

  • Are there any advantages to NOT upgrading to the iOS 13 Reminders database format?
  • Does GoodTask work just as well with the iOS 13 Reminders DB format as it does with the older Reminders format I'm still using?
  • Are there any advantages if I DO upgrade to the iOS 13 Reminders database format if I'm only using GoodTask and not the native Reminders app?

Hi @TaskMaster, thanks for using GoodTask. Glad to hear that you're going through the process. It's been a long time since it happened and I don't see any major issues at the moment.

  • Advantages in previous database would be somethings related to CalDAV but it's not related to GoodTask.

GoodTask works well with current Reminders database. It's almost identical since the underlying API didn't change much. You can use shared Reminders list with other users which use current 'new' database which would be an advantage.