Quick action - add date to notes

Have had Goodtask for a while but only started using it in earnest in the last month or so and am blown away with it. Great job!

I have set up a Quick Action that switches out a #waiting tag for a #received tag. Would also like to add a note as part of this action that places the current date into the notes field (so that the note records when the thing has been received). Is there a macro or something that I can add into the notes field in quick actions to achieve this?

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I usually write progress of longer running tasks in the notes. I could also use the date in the Quick Actions.

I use the "LOG" quick action to record a progress note. The system automatically dates stamps the entry.

Alternatively, if you OPEN a task on your iPhone and look at the bottom left side, you'll see (grayed out) the date the task was created and when it was last modified. If your Quick action adds a hashtag...I would think that "modified" date would give you what you needed.

I don't think that is a built in quick action is it?

I see that there is a Timestamp action though that I think will do what I need!

Pretty sure the LOG quick action is built in as I'm still not great at creating customized Quick Actions. I suppose I might have downloaded the action from here on the site.

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'Log' is a preset which is made with timestamp and prompt to add on Notes field. When you add a new Quick Action, it'll be shown as one to choose from. Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestion. The "LOG"-Quick Action is almost perfect. Unfortunately, the date is missing there.
Also the modification date of a task is only always the last one. Tasks that make different progress over weeks can't be logged accurately that way. You would need a date stamp next to the time stamp. Preferably in ISO-8601 format, such as "2021-08-12 07:59 - ".

Iā€™m not seeing the Log action. Perhaps I deleted it at some point. How can I reinstate / rebuild it?

@kaschu, you can edit 'Timestamp' action to choose between below formats.

@oddballs, inside 'Settings - Quick Actions', go to very bottom and tap 'Add'. Then tap 'Add' in Actions and you'll see 'Log'.



No idea how i missed that! Thanks.

Edit: Yes I do. Is there a reason it is not available to add to an existing Quick action?

Is there no way I can append this to my #waiting to #received switch action?

Edit 2: Is ok. Have manually built it now. As a new user i can't post another image to share it though.

All sorted. Thanks!


Great! Sometimes it feels like a treasure hunt when configuring GoodTask. :star_struck:


@kaschu, My LOG action shows both date and time. Guess I tinkered with it at some point to get both. Don't remember doing it. You know how it is....like a kid with a new toy, "hmm,..I wonder what this big red, DO NOT TOUCH button does..?

From below, it looks like Mr Kim and the GT team provide the solution.

As for "modified date", I think you're right. Probably won't achieve your goal. Good luck bubba. This app is great but it has a steep learning curve for us all!