Quick Action: Clear Tags + Tag not possible?

I want to create a quick action which first does Clear Tags and then calls Tag. When adding the Clear Tags option, the Tag option is no longer available, but the "Prompt: Tags (Add)" and "Prompt: Tags (Switch)" actions are available.

How can I create a Clear Tags + Tag action? My goal is to basically do the same as the "Switch" action does but I want to be able to "jump" to a specific tag from that list directly, (e.g. switch directly to the #waiting tag if I have an order #thisweek->#nextweek->#later->#someday->#waiting)

Hi @mdbraber, thanks for the feedback.

'Tag' action will add or remove the tag. If you want to 'Clear tags' and then add new tag, you can also use 'Notes' to add the tag which will work the same. Normally Tag action should be available but it's getting hide since it's connected with same tag action. I'll check if it can be fixed on next update.


Thanks for your reply! I've thought of using the Notes action (as described elsewhere in this forum too). The 'problem' with that approach is that I can't toggle the tag like I can with the Tag action.

If 'Clear tags' and 'Tag' are both in a Quick Action, it'll always add the tag since it'll be cleared out with initial clear tags action whether it has it or not.

I understand what you're aiming for but closest it can get would be dedicating a button for 'Clear tags' to make it run when you need clear state. And use other buttons with 'Clear tags' + 'Notes' to remove all tags and add one when needed.

Or you may simply use one action with prompt switch which will let you have one only always.


OK - so if I understand correctly the actions are not executed sequentially but batched?

I considered the Notes option - the problem with that is that I can't toggle the tag, only add it.

That does not remove the other tags I want removed right?

It runs sequentially so the initial 'Clear tags' will remove all the tags. 'Tag' action will add a tag if it doesn't exist and remove it when it does. So as 'Clear tag' remove all the tags, 'Tag' will add that tag always.

Using 'Prompt: Tag (Switch)' will remove all the tags and add the selected one only.


Great - I hope it's possible to use Clear Tags and Tag in the same Quick Action in a future update