Quick Actions - Selected Tags - Bulk delete, edit and sort once added

Hi, for some lists, I like to filter down the tags displayed to just the ones I want.

It's a bit painful setting it up though.

There is a delete all, but not a bulk delete for selected tags only. This would be helpful. It's good to start with Automatic as it pulls them all in, but deleting selected ones one-by-one is painful when you have lots of tags.

Also, once the shorter list of tags is selected (by not deleting them or manually adding them) once in there you can't edit them or manually drag to reorder them. This would be helpful. At the moment you need to delete them all and start again if you want to change the order.

Love GoodTask, this would make it better!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Meanwhile, you can change 'sort option' to tags and run bulk action when you need it to select many tasks easier.