Quick Actions

Quick actions are really great and make my organization process go more quickly. There are a couple of things that I naturally keep trying to go to, so I thought I'd share in case it might be possible to get these things added sometime.

One the Mac app, I'd love to be able to bulk select and then see the quick actions panel in the blank right area of the screen.

I'd also love to be able to add a new quick action from the quick actions panel. Maybe a quick action box that allows you to go into the add quick action area.

I also realize that this might not be possible, but it would be amazing if a quick action or set or quick actions, could be set as a default for a list.

Thanks again for this great program!

Thanks for the feedback.

For multiple tasks, you can right click to run quick actions. 6.7 update (next next) will include some improvements on Quick Actions. I'll keep your feedback. Thanks!