Recent tasks not syncing

I can’t get my iPhone to sync all tasks over to my Mac or my iPad.

Software is up to date on all devices. I’ve tried doing iCloud sync upload (I want the tasks on my iphone to be the master) and then downloading to iPad and Mac/Catalina and uploading from iCloud sync. Tasks created in the last 4 days are not coming over. Everything else syncs from iCloud. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Ikao2010, thanks for using GoodTask.

When you make a new Reminders list on iPhone, it should be shown on Mac too on both Reminders and GoodTask. (There are Reminders list and Smart list in GoodTask. Reminders lists are synced through data that's shared with default Reminders app. Smart Lists are used in GoodTask only and sync through iCloud Drive)

But this is only done when you use same iCloud account on your phone and Mac. Reminders list should be set to 'iCloud' too. Check below.

  • On your iPhone, go into default Settings app and see if Reminders is turned on in iCloud.
  • Also go into 'Settings - Reminders' and choose 'Default List' as a list that belong to iCloud.

You should see same lists in default Reminders app on both iPhone and Mac. (Local lists are shown as 'On My Mac' or 'On My iPhone'. These are not synced.)

At first, you may check with default Reminders app to see if it's working correctly. If it does, you don't need to check Reminders app anymore. GoodTask should do all the job.

iCloud Sync inside settings are for preferences sync.

If tasks are syncing but the recent ones only aren't coming in, you may cross check with default Reminders app and also try 'Refresh' on GoodTask (You can see it on more button on top right).

On iOS, you may turn on 'Settings - Advanced - Force Refresh on Launch' if you want to run it that way.
Check below website too for more info.