Recovering from iOS 13 database "upgrade"


I made the mistake of choosing to upgrade the Reminders database when I installed iOS 13. This broke syncing on GoodTask and another iOS reminders app I use, 2Do. In the course of trying to figure out a solution, I deleted my main iCloud list on GoodTask.

Then I realized I could fix the syncing and revert to the old database by restoring that list via a 2Do backup. (Maybe the same thing is possible on GoodTask?) Now my reminders are syncing again to my Mac's GoodTask app ... but I can't figure out how to get back the list I deleted on my iOS GoodTask. (I created a new list with the same name as the old, but it won't sync.)

Any advice welcome ...


Hi @teddyc3, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you chose to 'Upgrade' the Reminders database, there is no going back. You get 2 separate databases that work on their own.

2do may be using connection with CalDAV which is only supported by previous Reminders database. If so, that might be the reason to the connection it's making with previous database on new iOS.

GoodTask uses iOS's frameworks to connect to Reminders database and there is no way to look at previous one if you have already upgraded. :sob:


Yes, I think you're right about CalDAV. But then why is GoodTask on my Mac back to syncing with 2Do on my iPhone?


The new Reminders database setup doesn't support CalDAV at all? Do you have a reference for that? On a device that has been upgraded, 'Reminders' is no longer an available option for anything other than the iCloud account?

If that's the case, this just gets better and better.


GoodTask on your Mac is using previous Reminders database and if 2do is connecting to that through CalDAV, two of them will sync.

@posguy99, I'm not exactly sure about the details. I haven't tested related stuff myself since GoodTask is simply using Reminders data rather than using CalDAV. You can check below link for some more info.


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That link goes back and forth with whether or not it actually works or not, unfortunately. I need to figure this out for sure, since once you go forward, you can't go back. I've already tried migrating my reminders from CalDAV to iCloud, I'm now contemplating moving them back again as iCloud is fundamentally unreliable. Not to mention all the horror stories so far about installing iOS 13 and whole lists just disappearing.