Recreating Things Today and Evening Lists


I'm trying to make two smart lists:

  • Today: This would include tasks due today and overdue tasks that are scheduled between midnight and 5:30 pm.
  • Evening: This would include tasks due today and overdue tasks that are scheduled for between 5:30 pm and 11:59pm. OR tasks scheduled today/overdue with the tag #evening

Sort of how Things has an evening section. I sort of having it working but it's not quite. I'm not sure it's possible due to being unable to pick times for overdue tasks.This is what I have so far:

The problem is, the Evening list doesn't show tasks that are overdue but scheduled for after 5:30. And if I had the filter: OR includes tag #evening then I get any task that has that tag. Even if it's not scheduled today or overdue. Is there a way around this? Or a better way to setup these two lists?


Since I'm a new user, I was unable to add two images so here is the other list:

Hi @getthething, thanks for using GoodTask.

Today list that you've set should show tasks like below.

  • Tasks that's due today (0:00 ~ 17:29)
  • Tasks that's overdue
  • Exclude tasks with #evening from tasks from above 2 filters

And your Evening list will show tasks that's due today (17:30~23:59).

It seems like you have Today list set as you want. For evening list, you need to select if you want it to show all overdue tasks too. If so, you need to make filters as..

  • Scheduled Today (17:30~23:59)
  • Scheduled Overdue (OR-1)
  • Scheduled Within 1 day (OR-3)
  • Tag #evening (AND-2)

This will show you tasks that's 17:30~23:59 and overdue. And tasks that have #evening tag and is today or overdue.


Thanks for the reply. The problem with that setup is it shows the overdue tasks that were originally scheduled before 17:30. Not just the tasks that are overdue and should be done in the evening. If that makes sense.

If you don't want overdue tasks that's before 17:30, you can set second 'Scheduled Overdue' to AND-1 and it'll only show you tasks that's overdue between 17:30~23:59.


I don’t think I have a very good grasp of the how the order of operations work. When I added the second overdue, it shift the order of operations. I can’t set them the way you recommended. I assume the second overdue filter needs to be in a specific spot in the order. I’m quite confused. Haha.

Order of operation is like () in math. Two filters will be calculated with the order of operation in between (which is set on the second filter).

For example,

(a OR b) AND c

will be set on GoodTask as

  • filter a
  • filter b (with OR - 1)
  • filter c (with AND - 2)


a OR (b AND c)

will be set on GoodTask as

  • filter a
  • filter b (with OR - 2)
  • filter c (with AND - 1)


That helps a bit. Thanks. I'm still not able to get this evening smart list to work. It sounds like you are saying to add a second overdue filter but if do that, I can't get the orders of operations to match your recommendations. If you mean I just need to change the existing overdue filter to AND, it doesn't show the correct tasks.

My today list isn't showing all the correct tasks either actually. I have a task scheduled for today at 10am with no tags and it doesn't show in the Today list.

Edit: I'm realizing I didn't correctly outline what I want the lists to be:

  • Today: All tasks due today with no time set, overdue tasks, due today between 0:00 and 17:30, tasks with reminders set today or overdue for before 17:30.
  • Evening: All tasks due today after 17:30 or a reminder set for after 17:30, overdue tasks that were originally scheduled for after 17:30.

I specifically mention the reminder times because I'm not sure how GoodTask handles tasks with a reminder time but not due time, only due date.

Hi @getthething, thanks for more detail info.

Smart list filters cannot take care of alert settings at the moment. Without that, today list above should do the job. It should show task at 10am with no tags.

I'm not sure what you mean on Evening list exactly. If you show all tasks that's due after 17:30, it doesn't matter if it's overdue or not.


What I mean is, I have would like the evening list to show overdue tasks that are due after 17:30. So for example. If I was support to do something at 18:00 yesterday it would show in the evening. But if I was supposed to do something at 13:00 it would only show in Today list.

I can't get the Evening list to work properly. This is what I think you wanted me to setup but no tasks show at all with this:

If I make the overdue "OR" I get tasks but the wrong set. If I leave that at OR and add another overdue with AND the list doesn't change and I still don't get the expected tasks. I wanted to add another screenshot but I still can't so I'll reply with the second one.

I appreciate all your help. I know this is probably kind of a weird request and I'm likely just confused.

Thanks for more details. Unfortunately you can't filter tasks that's due yesterday with certain time.

Time settings only work for tasks that's due today. :sob:

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 5.25.31 PM

Ok thanks. I still can't get it to work as expected though. With the settings in the second attached screenshot I'm still getting tasks that are due today before 17:30.

It may get very confusing if you make many filters.

I think you want,

  • Tasks that's 17:30~23:59
  • Tasks that have tag #evening

To do that, simply make filters with

  • Scheduled Today (17:30~23:59)
  • Scheduled Within 1 day (OR-2)
  • Tag #evening (AND-1)

Overdue tasks will not work with timed filters so this should do the job without overdue tasks at all.


Ok thank you. I guess this setup won't work as I have some tasks that don't show up in either list because they only have an alert time. Not a due time.

One last question. What counts as "Later tasks" and where do they go if you hide them?

Later tasks are tasks that's after current time. If it's hidden, it's not shown on that list.

So for example, if you have a task with 15:00~15:30 and it's 14:00, it will not show with the option to hide later task checked.