Recurring alarm changing to midnight


I have several recurring tasks on GoodTask, all of which are set to alarm at 5pm on the day they occur. Every few weeks, one of them will instead alarm at midnight the day of the task, and when I look at it, the alarm time has indeed changed to 12am. This has been happening since I started using GoodTask with a few different tasks. I haven't noticed any obvious pattern as to what causes it, although one thing that's coming to mind is whether it might have happened each time after updates---I can watch for that coming up. Any other thoughts on how to prevent this?


Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for the feedback.

There has been a bug that might cause this problem when task was made outside GoodTask in some cases. It's been resolved in v5.0.3 iOS version so please update the app.

If the issue occurs again, please let me know with more details if possible. Thanks and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Thanks---I updated and will keep you posted if it recurs.

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