Recurring Bug: Lists Keep Shifting

Good morning,
I am seeing here in the forum that this has been a recurring issue for years, but I'm seeing this as a definite and nagging problem in the few weeks that I have been using this app. Basically, whenever I edit a list (and I have 21 lists and 7 custom "groups" (which contain the lists), I keep seeing certain lists shift automatically to the bottom, within the "Lists" Group.... It just happens automatically, which appears to be a bug in the software.

I have tried to reorder the lists in the preferences with no success. I have also reordered the lists to their proper order again and again, but they keep shifting without notice. I don't know if it has to do with the syncing between the native Reminders app, or something else. Keep in mind that I am using this app on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. I have even opened up the native Reminders app, and shifted the lists into their proper order, and still no success.

Secondly: For whatever reason, on the Watch, when I have the Today list displaying on there, it does not set the order of tasks properly. In other words, on the Mac, iPad and iPhone, the Today list is manually reordered in the way I want the tasks, but only on the Watch, the list is not properly ordered. Thus far, my default "Sort" option within the Preferences area is "Due Date - Manual Sort", which allows me to manually reorder the lists according to the due date (similar to Things 3).

This is my first time in this forum, and since I am seeing that this issue hasn't been resolved since 2022, it appears that it won't be solved, so I may have to resort to using another task management app that gets this issue correct until you all have fixed the problem. But all in all, the app is very, very good, and the syncing amongst all the platforms (with the exception of the Watch, and this is an Apple Watch Ultra on this end) has been very, very good. It's just that this nagging, automatic list reordering each day keeps happening without my consent.

Hopefully you all will fix this problem!!! When that is solved, I'll look again into using the app. Hope this helps!

Hi @TheLARBuilderOfTasks, thanks for the feedback.

This issue seems to happen when connection to Reminders database does not work properly. You can fix this issue by resetting calendar connection.

  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced' and select 'Reset calendar connection'

This will reset your lists and calendar settings. You may need to reset filters and quick actions related to list if needed. I'm trying to make it keep the settings but it may take some time.

For the second issue, manual sort values may not be sent to Apple Watch when there are too many info to send. I'll keep your feedback to see if it can be improved in the future.


Good morning,
The steps above solved this particular problem, so thank you for the response! The lists are staying in their respective location, so that is a good thing.