Recurring task or repeating task

Hi, I know this has been asked before but I find it so strange that it’s not an option and I want to check I haven’t missed the integration:

Is it possible to make a task transfer to the next day if it wasn’t completed?

ie on Monday I completed 9/10 tasks....on Tuesday the 1 task I didn’t complete is now lost in my overdues (I know I’m a bad person). Why can’t it just come over automatically?
Am I really alone in wanting this?

Thank you for all of the other great features

Thanks for the feedback.

GoodTask tries to step away from automatically editing the data since it could bring lots of confusion.

Currently, I suggest using Today page's procedure to adjust data or just simply use Quick Action to move tasks to today (which I do very frequently and I also know I'm a bad person. :sweat_smile:)

There is a plan to improve Today page in later updates.



Sorry to go on about this but I’m still struggling to get my head around GoodTask being so powerful but not doing what I think it should. Therefore I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong and explaining it to you incorrectly. Please allow me another chance to double check:

If I want the bins out every week and I select repeat-every week in task creation setting, GoodTask will only repeat that task if I complete it? That’s what happens at the moment for me, if I don’t click it then it becomes overdue and I won’t get reminded next week and therefore I’ll probably forget to put the bins out.

So this leads me to ask what the feature “repeat after completion” in the advanced section is? It seems that’s always on anyway.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m wasting time asking again but it’s such a critical feature I can only assume I’m missing something. Surely any one on daily meds would find this essential?

Thanks as always for all the other things you do and the great app.

It's ok.

  1. Yes, it will not alert you again if the task is not completed.

  2. Repeat after completion is an option that will make next task upon completion date when you complete a task. For example, normally if you have repeat every week task which is due Jan 5th, if you complete it today, it'll make next task on Jan 12th. If you have 'Repeat after completion' option checked, next one will be made next week from today (Jan 18th).

  3. If you need an alert every week regardless of completing it or not, using recurring calendar event could be better.


Thank you for clarifying (again :pensive:).

I do hope it could be considered in the future. But you know what is best and I love the app regardless of having one workaround. The calendar thing is ok but when I wake up in the morning and wonder if I took the meds or not, I have no way of checking....obviously if I forget the bins I will know cos the bin will still be full :rofl::joy:

Take care,

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