Recurring tasks "Last Friday before the 10th"

Is there a way to define a repeated tasks "Last Friday before the 10th of each month".

FYI: On the 10th of a month a Germany VAT statement and payment is due.

Hi @TRq, thanks for using GoodTask.

There is no way to set the option you've mentioned.

I guess using first Friday would always make it before the 10th but there could be the second one before the 10th.

If the 10th is important and needs to be in weekdays, using 10th of each month and use 'Offset - Previous weekday' could do the job.



thanks for your quit reply.

This is a good idea! But an offset of one day (if the 10th is a Saturday) is a little short notice. Hence, I have set the due date to the 9th with an offset "previous weekday".

Great tip!