Recurring tasks on Mac app

Hi, I've been using Good Task for several months now, on my iPhone, my iPad, and on my MacBook. Tonight, I can not figure out how to make a recurring task, or modify the recurring settings on an existing task. I'm sure I could do it before, but now it seems to be gone. Where did it go? There is no circle arrow when I create a task.

GoodTask 5.9.1 (661)
MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Here's a screenshot of my entire GoodTask screen, with a new task I created ("testing") with a due date of Nov 25.

Hi @Michele_Sharik, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • You're currently on Focus mode for right pane. You can click second button at bottom right or CMD-] to toggle focus mode. This will show/hide things on right pane.

After everything is shown, you'll see the button to change due date, recurring options and more.


OMG how the heck did that happen?! :scream:

Thank you so much - I was sure I was going crazy!