Redundant Tags, when I create a Task on a Smart List

This feature that all filter tags are automatically added to a new task is really helpful!
So when I have a smart list w/ for example this filters:

  • #feat1
  • #feat1 OR(1)
  • completed AND(2)
    a redundant "#feat1 #feat1" will be added to the notes field.

Hi @pfke, thanks for the feedback.

If you have 'Settings - New Task - Contextual: List' option turned on, tags should be added when new task is made on that list. Thanks!

Maybe I expressed myself in a misleading way: I meant, "#feat1" is added twice.
On a smart list, when I have two (or more) filters with "Tag: #feat1".
For every single filter condition, the tag text will be added to a new task. No matter if a tag with the same name was added before or not.

Ah, got it. I'll take a look. Thanks!

I have a related situation that might be a bug. Seems to be the case in both iOS and MacOS.

I have 'Settings - New Task - Contextual: List' turned off. While in a smart list and in board/date view, if I create a new task using the small '+' button at the bottom of a board, the new task uses the default new task list (as it should) but it pre-populates with the selected smart list's tags.

If in board/tag view, the same things happens but the new task also includes the tag of the selected column.

This only happens in these specific instances, creating a task using the plus button in board view. If I create a new task any other way, the expected behaviour (default new task list, no tags) occurs.

Hi @djb21au, thanks for the report. I'll check and will fix it soon. Thanks!