Refresh makes weekly Boards hard to follow

When I look at a the upcoming week in Board View (date order), and I move a task to a different day, the list keeps refreshing and scrolling to the top.

This means if I'm towards the bottom of the list, and the software refreshes, and then show the top of the list, I have to manually scroll down again to the place where I stopped when it refreshed.

How do I move tasks from one day to the next without refreshing, so I can keep my place?

Hi @Lavan, thanks for using GoodTask.

When you drag and drop between boards, it only changes date to target board regardless of exact position. It'll drop into position by sort options accordingly.

The app may refresh after data change but it shouldn't scroll to top all the time as it refreshes.

If this is not what you mean or you're seeing something different, please share screen recordings to Thanks!

Thank you for the response! I have sent a video to the email address requested. Appreciate your help!