Relative time 200+?

Hi, I’m new and just learning this app. It looks great so far!

Would it be possible to add more than 200 minutes to the relative time option, or is there a programming reason why you can’t? So far I have been squeezing all of my tasks into the first 200 minutes of an 8 hour workday!


Hi @Can-do, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you give me some more details about what you mean by relative time option?


Task > Add > Start Time > Relative time

There are two scrolldown options here while setting up a new task. One option is for minutes, one is for hours. The minutes only go up to 200 - I am hoping you can make this much longer, say up to 999 minutes (which equals about 16 hours) or 1440 minutes (one full day) or even more.

I do not see a way to combine the two pulldowns, for example 4 hours 20 minutes, which would be another way to solve the problem. The current setup forces me to put as much as possible into the first 200 minutes of my day and after that I can only schedule things on the hour, for example 4 or 5 or 6 hours later. Many of my responsibilities take less than an hour. I’m stuck with reminding myself of several duties at once, for example ten reminders all alerting me at once 4 hours later.

I’m hoping there is a simple fix of changing 200 to 999 in the code! If not, I understand how convoluted these little tweaks can get.

Thanks for listening to our feedback. Liking the app!

It seems like you're talking about templates. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Yes, in templates, thank you!

(I set up blocks of time for repeating daily duties, like: 30 minutes of exercise, 2 hours of computer work, 20 minutes of correspondence, etc. I have shift work so I can’t just plug time slots into a regular calendar.)


Note for any other users reading this because you’re looking up the 200 minute limit, I wanted to add, I just figured out something of a workaround:

If you complete one template’s list and “Finish the day,” you can “Restart the day” with the next template list. So if you make your last task on each list a reminder to refresh and start the next list, you can plan up to 200 minute blocks of time.

It’s not ideal as a solution because I don’t trust myself to check in with the app on-time every time, but it will help somewhat until any official updates.

Thanks again!

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I just saw you changed this to 1440 in the latest update - awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! I’ll put it on my to-do list to give your app and customer service some praise :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: After this last app update with the changed template times, my third template list doesn’t play. I have morning, midday, evening, and evening never plays. I can select it for today and it acts as if it will send me those alerts, but never will. I experimented with it for several days before I figured out what was happening, including making a different third list for that purpose.

I think it may skip a few items at the end of the second list too. I shortened the number of items in the second list and I think it’s working now.

2nd list ends with the last item at 400 minutes, and the third list starts the first item at 410 minutes.

While it compiles the reminders for today, the thinking icon spins forever. Could be that the problem happens then.

Hi @Can-do, thanks for the feedback.

Would you share some more details to ? Also send me the template that's not working properly to that mail. I'll take a look. You can 'Share' template by tapping it on the settings page.