Reminder List reverts to Recent Search

A couple of the reminder lists that I created in GoodTask revert back to the Recent Search list. When they do that, they also lose the icon I associated with them. They don't revert immediately. Sometimes it seems to happen a day after moving them. Not all newly created lists have the problem. The names of two lists that have moved back to Recent Serarches and lost their icon several times are "Costco" and "Personal Development".

Am I doing something wrong? What can I do to resolve this?

I have 18 lists grouped as PERSONAL and 13 grouped under WORK.

I use GoodTask on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I keep all the apps updated. The problem has been occurring for several months.


Hi @mboldrick, thanks for using GoodTask. It seems like connection to Reminders database is not working properly. You may need to reset calendar connection.

  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced' and select 'Reset calendar connection'

This will reset your lists and calendar settings. You may need to reset filters and quick actions related to list if needed.

If the issue persists, please let me know. Thanks!

Thank you. That seems to have worked (for almost 24 hours across all devices. :wink:). I'm not complaining, but I didn't realize it was going to eliminate all existing icons and move all lists to "Recent Searches". It was a good excuse to reorganize.

Thank you again!