Reminders keep disappearing on iOS

Absolutely love GoodTask and have both the Mac and iOS versions.
iOS 14.7.1
App verson 6.8.2

GoodTask, when installed fresh, will show the correct number of reminders. When selecting the list, no reminders are shown and all lists goto zero.

I have deleted and reinstalled from App Store
I have completed Settings-Advanced-Delete Local Cache files
I have completed Settings-Advanced-Reset Calendar Connection

I have a screen recording I could upload/send if necessary.
Any help? I love the apps but can't rely on it right now. Mac does seem unaffected.
[EDIT] The Mac version 6.8.2(712) is also affected.

Thanks for the feedback. Send me details to Thanks!

Any update on this one afterI sent the screen video? This is happening more and more.
It's gotten weirder now as some of the lists just won't sync with the reminders app. If my wife updates our grocery list, it updates on my grocery list in reminders, but the GoodTask reminders list never updates.

Hi @jmaddr, I couldn't find the mail you've sent. If I've responded, please reply on that mail. I'm getting a lot of emails. :sweat_smile:

If I've not responded, it might not arrived properly. Please send it again.


Thank you again. Just sent email.

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