Reminders keep popping up


Updated to Catalina. Now future alerts (usually in the same day but sometimes next day) are popping up. Closing the alert (click on Close in the alert) keeps it closed for a while and then it pops up again after about 10 minutes, again before its alert time.

iMac 27"
Catalina 10.15
GoodTask 4.8.3 (384)
Catalina Notifications for GoodTask are alert style = Alerts, Show notifications on lock screen, Show notification preview = always and Badge icon is on. Changing these does not help.
GoodTask Notifications are on, with Snooze at 60, 30 and 5 minutes.

Please help. The popups are driving me crazy, and I rely on alerts that work.

Thank you,


Hi @alm, thanks for the feedback. Would you check if individual tasks have alert set properly? It would be helpful if I could see the screenshot of the situation too. Thanks!


Here is a screen shot. Note the time in the menu bar that the shot was taken.



Thanks for detail info. I'll take a look and will fix it on 4.9 update. I'll do my best to bring it to you soon.

Meanwhile, if the issue persists, please use notifications from Reminders app. Thanks!


Thank you.
So, no one else on Catalina has reported this?
Were you able to replicate it?



No, I couldn't reproduce it on my side.

I'm rebuilding big portion of the app including this part so next update will bring increased stability (hopefully).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I am seeing this behavior as well, I have a repeating 'monthly' reminder that seemingly throws a notification anytime I refresh or add new items to a list - even though the alert should be set to the day of the event next month.


I'm seeing this as well. I got to the point where I just stopped using the MacOS app as it was hammering me with notifications :see_no_evil:

@GoodTask could you stop the notification from opening Good Task when you click Close. That feels like a bug as it shouldn't open the app if I'm just closing the notification, or is that the desired effect?

I feel like if you click on the notification then you would want to open the app but if you close of snooze (Quick Action) the notification then the app shouldn't open. Thoughts?


Hi @gilo, thanks for the report. Next update will come soon with better stability. Please report back if it happens after 4.9 update. (Scheduled to release in just few days)

Normally clicking 'Close' should just close the notification.

Are you using Setapp or trial version? If so, it's using different notification system which could cause the issue. :disappointed_relieved:


Great to hear, thanks @GoodTask.

I’m definitely not using Set App. I’ve paid for both Mac and iOS versions.


Do you have the app in the background or is it completely closed? It should be in the background for notification actions to work.


It’s completely closed as it was getting to annoying to have constant notifications every few minutes or so


:sob: I'm sorry about it. Next update will come soon.


Sorry to report that the update to 4.9 (390) did not resolve this issue for me, even with all other apps closed. Would love to have one-on-one support so that I can give details to you.

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Please send me an email at

Let’s get it done.


It doesn't seem to have fixed things for me either unfortunately.

I'm still getting constant notifications on the desktop app.

I updated both iOS and MacOS at the same time.


Hi @gilo, drop me an email at Thanks!


This problem HAS BEEN FIXED with version 4.9.1 (393)!
Everything is working correctly now.
Thank you very much to the excellent and quick support from GoodTask.

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This problem has re-appeared for me with the update to 4.9.2 (395). :frowning_face:


I restored app to 4.9.1 (392), but that did not help.