Removing completed tasks from my lists

Noobie question here as I work through trying to get Goodtasks how I want it.

I’m currently finding that all of my complete tasks are still showing up on my lists and I don’t know how to get rid of them.

I’ve done a search on the forum and the previous advice seemed to be go into Settings > Advanced … but I can’t see what I’m supposed to change there.

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @MortimerJazz, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you're just seeing the completed tasks, you can tap circle button on top right to show/hide completed tasks.

If you want to remove them completely, you can go into 'Settings - Advanced' to remove them. Or you can use Reminders app to remove them.

If you've removed them already but seeing them in GoodTask, try 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Local cache' and see how it goes.


I have done this many times but the completed tasks still end up showing up. So the setting (don’t show completed tasks) for any one given list isn’t “sticking”

Hi @Taskmaster2021, thanks for using GoodTask.

For smart lists that include 'Completed' as a filter, it always shows completed tasks regardless of previous state. For other lists, it should keep the state.