Reoccurring Tasks

Another question about reoccurring tasks. If you are beyond one occurrence of a reoccurring task and you check it off as done, it jumps ahead when clearing it to the next available occurrence that would be ahead, instead of the one that should be next.

For instance test task reoccurring monthly on September 1, considering the current date of November 14, when clicking and marking the task done, it jumps to December 1 instead of the November 1?

Not sure if I am doing something wrong.

Hi @Danny_Bezak, thanks for using GoodTask.

Recurring tasks run like this. Task has a due date. When it's completed, next one is made upon the rule that it has. So if due date is in the past, next one will be made in the future rather than the past. Hope it made sense.


It does now. It now makes sense why I can’t get that to work. So if you are behind on reoccurring tasks, the only way to get back on schedule, would be to delete the future created and recreate a new one with the proper date for where you are currently, if you are behind.

Thank you.