Reordering tasks in List view can change the task's list

Hey, I've noticed on MacOS that if I drag a task in 'List - Day' view to reorder the tasks for the day, it can result in the task being assigned to a different list. To reproduce:

  1. Have two lists - Home and Work
  2. Have 3 Home items at the top of the 'List - Day' view
  3. Have some Work items at the bottom of the 'List - Day' view
  4. Drag & drop one of the Work items further up the 'List - Day' view because I want to work on it sooner
  5. The Work item is moved to the Home list as part of the drag & drop

Maybe this is somehow related to the way I've configured the UI through the various options(?), but it's expected behaviour.

Hi @tickoff, thanks for using GoodTask.

Drag and drop change values according to sort options. If you want to keep list unchanged, check option 'Settings - Sort - Don't change list'.


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