Repeat Completed or Not

I have a repeating reminder to take my Glaucoma eye drops. How do I get this to repeat even everyday even if I don't mark past reminders complete? Currently, if I don't mark prior reminders complete it doesn't alert me again

Hi @brenthauf, thanks for the feedback. Currently when you complete a repeating task, next one is made according to the recurrence rule. If you don't complete a task, it won't be made again. Alert is connected to the task so normally it won't alert without the new task. I'll keep your feedback about this kind of tasks.


I agree that it would be useful to have this as an option that could be turned on or off.

For some tasks, it is important to know how past due it is.

However, for other tasks it would be nice to get an alert on every scheduled occurrence, even if the past instance was not marked as complete (for example, a weekly reminder to take the trash out to the street--I would want to be reminded even if I forgot to mark it as completed the previous week).

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I know I'm late to this, but for repeating tasks where you really don't want to complete them, I just use a calendar. Create a dedicated calendar to keep it separate if you like, and just create recurring events there. You can even have this appear in Goodtask, depending how you set up your smart lists.

The other way I've done this for tasks is to complete them as part of my nightly routine. part of that for me is to check a particular list every night that has those sorts of tasks and make sure they're checked off.

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Hi there, is there any app update out already to fix this?

Hi @JacksonMah, I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Appreciate your dedication!:+1:t3:

Hi @GoodTask,

Just another vote for this. Let me give you an example. I've got a reminder to take my sleeping 4 year-old to the potty at 11:00 pm. Sometimes, I'm watching late night television, and I need the reminder. However, I frequently watch the TV show for a few more minutes following the notification, do the task, and head to bed. Sometimes at that late hour, I forget to set the task as complete. This prevents the reminder for triggering the next evening.

I would love to see an option that would create the next day's task regardless of the status of the previous day's task.

Thanks for considering this.

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