Repeat Monthly

Hello, sorry if this has already been brought up, I did a search but couldn’t find anything. I’m new to GoodTask and am migrating from TickTick. I’ve found a bug where if I set a task to repeat monthly and it’s due on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, iOS reminders makes the repeat schedule say “Every month that has 29 days” or “30 days” or “31 days” depending on the due date. I’ve done some testing and if I complete the task through GoodTask (where it just says monthly) then I get the expected behavior where the next due date is the end of the next month. For example 1/31/23 goes to 2/28/23. If I would complete the task through iOS reminders, then a month could potentially be skipped. 1/31/23 goes to 3/31/23. If I go to edit the recurrence in iOS reminders and navigate to the custom screen where iOS has selected the 29th day of the month for the repeat for example, once I back off that screen the task recurrence changes to the monthly selection. It seems I have to always use GoodTask to complete my tasks to avoid this. The issue is I have shared lists with my wife who doesn’t really need GoodTask and isn’t really willing to learn it. So she will always be completing from iOS reminders.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @BillyEddie, thanks for the feedback. I guess your situation lies on a bug in Reminders app. One potential way would be just using 'last day' on monthly custom repeat option. That should work on Reminders app too. Or you can set up GoodTask for your wife which would make everyone happy. :slight_smile: GoodTask supports family sharing too. You can let her simply use it like Reminders without other features. Thanks!