Repeating tasks and start dates


I am having an issue with repeating tasks. I have several repeating tasks which do not have start dates. After completing them, the newly created tasks now have start dates.

None of the tasks have “repeat after completion” checked.

Anything else I need to check to make sure this isn’t happening?


Hi @derekvan, thanks for using GoodTask.

There are some complicated issues between recurring tasks and start date since start date is not supported on Reminders.

Are you using 'No Time' as due date? How about alert? I'd like to run a test with exactly same thing as yours.

FYI, things will get much better on next update which will come soon.



Here are my settings:


I’m not entirely sure, but my sense is that this tends to happen if the task is marked complete if it is overdue. Or maybe if it is marked complete from the watch?


I can't reproduce it on my side at the moment. Next update will come soon after few days of beta testing so I recommend you to see how it goes on that version. Thanks!