[Request] Logical filtering based on list

Hi, love the app! I’ve been tweaking my system and ran into a limitation when creating a smart list that I thought I’d bring up as a potential new feature.

I wanted to make a list that contains all tasks that are overdue or due today, and also include every task in my Inbox list regardless of due date. That would give me a single list that contains everything that has come up recently that needs to be dealt with today. However, while you can choose what lists are searched, there isn’t a filter available for what list a task belongs to. If there were an “is on list” filter, I could set it up like “is overdue OR is due today OR is on list Inbox”. In general, this would allow a smart list to apply different logic based on what list a task is on with some clever grouping and order of operations, which could be powerful.

Thanks for the feedback. You're correct. List can be filtered separately as a whole rather than a factor in filters. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


I would love this as well. I am looking at moving over from OmniFocus and this is one the options I like about the prospectives there.