Request: month view - larger grid

Didn’t see any other pleas for this, so maybe I’m an outlier. On iPad especially, I’d love to have an option to expand month view to use all the available screen real estate in a grid - like Apple Calendar and many others. I’ve split-screened GT and Apple Cal to try to illustrate what I mean. Thanks for listening… GoodTask just keeps getting better and better!


Yes! I would really like a grid view on iPad/Mac and a weekly timeline view on iPad/Mac and a daily timeline view on iPhone/iPad/Mac.


Yep another request here for a month view (on the Mac) showing tasks with drag / drop for rescheduling etc. It's the one thing that is keeping mw with Fantastical at the moment.


I joined this forum just to throw my support behind this idea. Only recently have I discovered GoodTask and it's what I've been seeking, having been suffering Fantastical as a "nearly there but not really" sort of tool.

An expanded calendar like the OP has shown is exactly what's needed, right now I'm trying with a GoodTask tile on the left and Apple's Calendar on the right in full screen mode as a hack. It'd be great if there were options to create a view like that but showing not just events but tasks on a calendar.

Love this tool so far, so glad I found it!


1000% Ditto - so would like this in Goodtask!

Yes! I would love this and a week grid too. I would love to be able to stay in GoodTask more vs switching back and forth between it and Fantastical. It would be so much more helpful to use the QuickActions in this format too.

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If that was done I could then drop Fantastical as well, saves a license.