Restore Accidentally Deleted Reminder


I accidentally deleted a reminder! Is there any way to restore it?


Hi Joel, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can shake the device to 'Undo'. On Mac, CMD-Z will do it. Hope it wasn't too late. Thanks!

Hmmm, unfortunately too late, it has been 20+ minutes!

That sucks, a garbage can like feature would be awesome for cases like this!!

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Or, perhaps even easier, an "are you sure you want to delete the task?" pop-up.

This happened because I was trying to delete a URL and it deleted the entire reminder than the URL. The deletions URLs are not -- at least for me -- obvious!

By default, deleting shows alert. If you swipe to delete, tapping the trash button is a kind of giving another step on deleting (defined by iOS).

On the other side, you can turn this confirming process off in 'Settings - Advanced - Do not confirm when deleting'.

But I understand what you mean that you might be comfortable with another step. Thanks for the feedback!