Restored iPad pro from my iCloud backup, all my custom smart lists gone


I restored my iPad pro from my iCloud backup, and my custom smart lists all disappeared.

Is there any way I can get my custom smart lists back?

(GoodTask 4.5.2, iPad pro 11 2018, iOS 12.2)


Hi @allanlibunao,

Normally when the device is restored, all things should be restored as is. GoodTask uses 'iCloud Drive' to automatically sync preferences so this could resolve the issue even if it wasn't restored.

Would you check if you have 'iCloud Drive' turned on? You may want to wait awhile if you have just restored the data from iCloud.

After some time, go into 'Settings - General' and tap 'Automatic Preferences Sync' and check the time. You may turn it off and back on with selecting 'Download' if it's proper time you may have used the app.



And now I have all my Smart Lists back.

Thank you m(_ _)m