Reverse an accidentally marked completed note?

How do I Reverse an accidentally marked completed note? I did that an ended up having to delete the task an make a new one to replace it. So just how do you UN-do something that was accidentally made COMPLETED?

Upper right you have single dot and triple. Tap single and it will show completed as well. Uncomplete them. At least that is how I solve it.

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Hi @terryzx,

like @Yankeebobo said, easiest way would be just unchecking the completed to be incomplete. On Mac version, you can CMD-Z to undo simple completions but it can't be done on iOS.

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

I tried to uncheck it and all it will do is default to the next week which I have set to do after completion. So I had to delete it and make a new task.

Oh, recurring tasks need some more work like you've mentioned. :disappointed_relieved:

OH...OK Thanks for letting me not think I was too stupid to figure it out. HA!!!

While I realize you can use the single dot at the top, it would be great to have an "undo" option. Sometimes there's a little lag in "completing" items and this results in my accidentally checking off one as complete by mistake. Having a quick way to "undo" (I always want to shake the phone) would be great.


You may want to check option 'Delay time after completion' inside 'Settings - General'.

I'll keep your feedback. Thanks!

I saw that and it could allow you to change you mind if you do it fast enough....better than nothing

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Yes! That helps so much. Had no idea that setting was there. Thank you!

Hi there, could you explain completing/ uncompleting tasks - in a more detailed way?

I can’t do either at all. I also couldn’t see anything about it in the FAQ or guide. Just this thread in the forum.

  1. What do I do to mark tasks as completed? Slide it? Tag it? Tap it? Date it? Prioritise it?

I view all my tasks in “smart lists”, if that makes a difference. There’s no circle before the task title.

  1. Ok, let’s say I accidentally “completed” a task. How do I return it to “uncomplete”?

You said here “uncheck the completed to be incomplete”.

What button do I check/ uncheck to do this (what does it look like)(what screen is it on?)?

(The closest I can see is a calendar date, but that can’t be removed, only changed to yesterday, today, tomorrow etc.)

Checking off to-dos seems really basic, but it’s really hard to work out!

Many thanks

Did you work out how to complete and incomplete tasks in the GoodTask app?

Hi @Andy_Best, thanks for the feedback.


You can tap that circle to complete a task. While inside list, you'll see the same circle which will let you complete the task. If task is already completed (filled with another circle), tapping it again will make it incomplete.

You can tap circle on top right (second one to 3-dot button) to show/hide completed tasks on current date.

I'll soon make a video about the page inside a list. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply!

I saw this mysterious “circle” in regular lists. But for me, the circle doesn’t appear.

  • All my lists are “smart lists”. Does this important circle just not appear next to tasks, in smart lists?

  • Or perhaps it’s there, but it’s formatted a white circle on a white background? (I wondered this, because sometimes I tap where a circle WOULD appear if it was there, and sometimes this empty space does something.) (Usually not, though.) And sometimes my tasks get completed by accent (although I can never recreate the event on purpose).

  • This circle doesn’t seem to appear in smart list tasks even if I change the theme.

Am I missing something?

And - if there is no way to access the complete/uncomplete circles in smart lists, can I swipe (or some other way) complete and uncomplete smart list tasks?

Thanks for the screenshot. Something seems to be broken on your side. Normally the app should look like below.

  • Smart lists are lists that uses data from normal Reminders lists. It can be filtered or gathered in various ways. So you can't have just smart lists. There should always be Reminders lists.
  • If you have a list with white color, it could be hidden like your screenshot. Try 'Edit List' on your Reminders list and change the color and see how it goes.


Could you elaborate on that? I'm in a pickle right now. I have a recurring task to be done today. I have not done it yet. How do I uncheck it for today?

Hi @D3V4N5H, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you have completed the task for today but you haven't done it, you can simply change the date back to today and delete completed task.

Or if you've just completed the task, you can undo the action.


I have a smart list of my 10 recently competed tasks.If I accidentally complete something I go find it in there.