Search for List name in New Task

I'm coming from OmniFocus and love getting into GoodTask but there is a big timesaver in OF for IOS and Mac in that when you add a new task, the choice for which list to put it in has a search boat the top so if you have many lists (like me!) you can start typing the first few characters to jump to that list for selecting rather than having to scroll all the way down looking for it. It's a nice feature I'd love to see in GT someday. Thanks, Art

Thanks for the feedback, @swisssailor. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Meanwhile, you can use /alphabet text snippets to easily change lists. For example, /g will change list to GoodTask if you have a list named GoodTask. It'll follow list order in 'Settings - Lists & Calendars - List Order' for same characters.

You can also use Quick Actions if you have ones you use frequently.


I'll give the Actions a try for this. The Mac version of GT has a select box that you can tab to but doesn't appear to respect a character when I type it (i.e.. 'g' to go to GoodTask list. Thanks, Art