Select Multiple tags for task

Is there a way to select and add multiple tags to a task without entering them manually? If I put a tag into a task and then tap another tag it replaces the previous tag. Not convenient. Thanks, Scott

Hi @brastedhouse, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can use normal 'Tag' quick action or use 'Prompt: Tag (Add)' quick action to add rather than switching.


Hi, thanks for the quick response. That does not work. That is why I asked the question. Every time I click on a tag in the tag box of the table of many choices it just changes the tag.

Preset quick action is ‘Prompt: Tags (Switch)’. Add a new one with (add) inside Settings - Quick actions. Thanks!

Hi again, thanks for the help. But unfortunately I do not have clue what you are talking about. How do I go about that? Thanks, Scott

Wait, I found it! Thanks.

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