Select specific tags when sorting by tags?

hello! i’m considering on purchasing goodtask! sadly i ran out if the 14 day trial before i got to discover if this is possible. there are no columns in goodtask like in reminders, and this is really important to me, but i thought instead of columns i could use tags which goodtask does support, but i have so many tags sometimes in lists i would want just specific tags to appear when sorting by tags and not all of them, is this possible? this is really important for me before purchasing, thanks for any help!

Hi @heartslley, thanks for the feedback.

You can set tags per smart list and use Tag board view to use it as you want. Thanks!

mm yeah but for example if something has multiple tags, let’s say for example #home #goal #next if i sort it by tag in the board it would appear all those tags as columns plus all the totals tags i have, is there no way for example that i could only show the #home and #goal column for example instead of all the tags i have?
thanks for reaching out by the way!

You can set tags that you want inside 'Edit List - Tags' page for the ones you want to see on that list.