Send Apple Note to GoodTask as a reminder

I’m using Apple Notes rather than Evernote these days, and GoodTask as a comprehensive reminders list including inputs from Mail and web articles to remind me to follow up on. But I also want to send some Apple Notes to GT as a reminder to follow up with due date etc but any share I try simply sends the entire note content as a massive reminder title, with no link to the Apple Note.
So is it possible? I use it in iPad primarily but have access to a Mac.
I have discovered you can use Siri to “”Remind me about this” when the Note is open and it will create a reminder in Apple Reminders with a Note link. Perfect! But I want this in GoodTask, not to have to swap between the two systems. Is it possible?

(I should add that the Siri>Reminders method also creates a reminder in GT of course, but the Apple Notes link is stripped away and missing)

Not possible.

I have made repeated requests to have a full task dialog present when calling GT from iOS Share function, instead of automatically pasting everything into the subject field.

This would still not create a link to the original note, but at least this would make the share a whole lot more useful.

On an unrelated note (pun intended :wink: ) Apple Notes is a great system but only as long as you stay with iOS and Mac. If you ever get a Windows or Android device, you're out of luck. There's no way - that I know of - to bulk export Apple Notes to another format. You have to manually copy one by one. I use Onenote for long term storage of notes, at least it's cross platform and you can export stuff from it more easily.

GoodTask is so good that if it was possible I’m sure he would have done it. Probably an Apple system prevention thing. Ah well. (Its off topic but briefly -I’ve been running Evernote / OneNote / Apple Notes in parallel to test so we shall see)

If you share the Note (with no one), you can get its iCloud link and then paste that into GoodTask

True, thanks. So I have looked at that - very cumbersome. Easier to just put a unique “tag” in my Notes and do a search it seems.
Or... also cumbersome, create the Note link in Reminders in an ‘Apple Notes’ list (which works well), add the action date, which will flag up in my Goodtask, then, when it flags up, open Reminders to use the link....

I would love to have this capability in GoodTask, I use Apple Notes all the time and had Ben create it reminders to notes via the share sheet.

When I open Good Task the note link is available now but if I create a new GoodTask reminder from Apple Notes share sheet still not link back to the note. Obviously there is a work around but would love to have this native if it is at all possible.

Thanks for the feedback. Currently if you use GoodTask's share sheet on Apple Notes, link will not be generated due to iOS limitations.

But if you use 'Send a copy' with Reminders share sheet, it'll add a link which can be used in GoodTask.