Set alert to birthdays created duplicates

I wanted to set recurring alert to important birthdays in GT, but by doing so duplicated birthday was created with no contact assigned to them when I tried to delete them from the Calendar app. I also couldn’t delete the duplicates in GT, any advise?

Event duplicates (top one is the original)

Ghost birthday in the Calendar app (what you see when tapped in the second and third instance in the image above)

Hi @hemper77, thanks for using GoodTask.

How did you duplicate birthday event? Normally it can't be done.

Try restarting the device and see how it goes. Thanks!


After turning on the birthday calendar I tapped on the Alert and set a yearly recurring alert and that's when the delicates showed up. Restarting my phone didn't fix the problm.

Thanks for the report. This seems like a bug on GoodTask. I'll fix it on next update. Meanwhile, you can edit your original Contact's birthday to another day and the duplicates will go away. You can change it back to original date after it's removed. Sorry about inconvenience. Thanks!

Thank you, I finally got rid of the duplicates! While we are on this topic, is there a way to set a global alert for all the events in a calendar? Say I want to be reminded of all the birthday events a day ahead, is there a way to do that?

Alert for Calendar Events are not supported on GoodTask. You need to use default Calendars app for this. Go into default Settings app - Calendar - Default Alert Times - Birthdays and set it as you want. Thanks!

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