Set Due Date to deferred date?

Hi folks, I've searched for an answer to this but can't find it... When I defer a task that's due, I'd like the Due Date/Time to change to the new (deferred) date/time. Have I missed a setting to make this happen automatically, or would this be an enhancement?

Many thanks!

Hi @peterb999, thanks for using GoodTask.

How do you 'Defer' a task? If you're talking about 'Snooze', it'll change alert time only. Other than that, if you use Quick Action to change dates, due date will change accordingly.


Ah - now that makes sense! Thank you - and for a great app.

Notifications give snooze options, so when I respond to them the due date does not change... I wonder if there's a way to include Quick Actions instead of Snooze in the Notification? That would be great.

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks.