Share sheet with photos

Use case: sometimes I will take a photo of something and want to use it as a reference for a task. Using Apple’s share sheet feature, in reminders I can create the task and the photo is attached for reference.

The problem is the photo does not show up in Goodtask, even bough it is properly showing in Reminders. Would it be possible to fix this?

Thanks for the feedback. Images attached to Reminders app is not accessible from other apps.

If you want to see photo in GoodTask, please use GoodTask’s share sheet. It’ll add the photo as attachment in GoodTask.


Perfect. I just tried this and it works!

Apologies for the naive question but can someone please point me to GT's share sheet? Thank you.

Hi @Joel, you can open up share sheet and on top row with app icons, swipe left and tap 'More'. Tap 'Edit' and turn on GoodTask. Thanks!

Apologies but can you be a bot clearer as a) I do not understand the instructions you posted (i.e., how do you open up share sheets) and b) what is the equivalent for macOS?

Please check below link.

Number 4 in screenshot which shows app icons is where you should find it.

On Mac, you can right click and select Share. Thanks!

Appreciated, very helpful.

I knew abut teh capability, I simply did not know what it was called.

Hi, I’ve just submitted test flight feedback on this. For some reason when I use the GoodTask share sheet on screenshots on the iPad sharesheet the reminder correctly shows. But it is not syncing across to my iPhone, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Themikeyd, thanks for the feedback.

Do you use same iCloud account on both devices? Make sure you also have ‘iCloud Drive’ on on both devices.

Photos are saved as attachments and you can check the file on Files app. Check if you can see them on iPhone.