Shortcut: GoodTask mobiliser/search/opener thing

Friday afternoon. Procrastinating on other things I should be doing. Of course: tidying up and sharing a shortcut I've been working on for a while now would be the best use of my time...

So. This is a universal "mobiliser" shortcut, best when used from iOS's share extension. Once installed there, you can feed it with selected text (or even just feed it a reminder from GoodTask) and it'll give you a shortlist of other apps you can search for that text in. If you've got keywords or phrases surrounded by [[double square brackets]] in a reminder's notes, it'll focus on those. More than one double bracketed keyword/phrase and it'll give you a list of them to choose from.

Why? A few reasons:

  • integration with other apps: sometimes I have notes in Drafts associated with reminders in GoodTask and I want a quick way to switch between them. Using this, I can move between Drafts and GoodTask with a search term, quickly.
  • linking between reminders in GoodTask: you can turn a reminder with sub tasks into a list with tasks, but I try (and fail) to keep the number of lists I'm working with to a minimum. If I had a list for every project I'm tracking, I'd be overwhelmed. This allows me to use reminders as projects AND tasks— where project reminders just link to other reminders...
  • this isn't just for GoodTask. This can take any text you can highlight on iOS as a trigger for a search
  • I've come to appreciate wiki-links in other apps (double bracketed phrases), and this is a bit of a hack to make wiki-links mean something in GoodTask...
  • and also: I have a long task list full of things I'd rather not be doing and this was much more appealing. :wink:

Happy Friday. Best wishes for the weekend.

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