Shortcut: timeline/Gantt chart for your GoodTask reminders/projects

This shortcut requires:

  • A reminders list named "Projects Index"— though you can change this to anything else you want in the first action of the shortcut. You can actually remove this from the reminders filter in the shortcut, but I figure targeting a specific list is a good way to keep the reminders query speedy.
  • A template string in the notes field of each reminder you'd like to appear in the timeline.

The template string looks like this: "Gantt: state,id,start-date,end/dur". Just that line. It can appear anywhere in the notes field of your reminder, and you can have whatever else you want in your notes, as long as this remains on its own line. For ease, I'd suggest setting this template up either as an iOS keyboard text replacement— I have mine set up so that whenever I type "/gant" this template appears.

"State" is a placeholder for now. "id" is automatically replaced by the shortcut. Replace "start-date" with the start date for your reminder item. Replace "end/dur" with EITHER the end date for your reminder item OR a number of days that it'll last for (e.g. 40d). Dates should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.

For a future version, I might have the shortcut read the deadline of the reminder automatically for the end date.

Fill out the template in the notes field for a few of your reminders, then run the shortcut.

The Gantt chart is powered by Mermaid, so it'll look like the simpler versions of the examples here: or something like this:

The chart will display directly within Shortcuts.

Mermaid's pretty powerful, and allows for some pretty involved Gantt charting. The simplest version is all I've thus far found use for, but there's nothing to stop you from expanding this further if you know your way around Shortcuts and you're willing to make sense of Mermaid's Gantt documentation.

Thanks for the tip. Seems very interesting. Gantt chart itself is on the list to be considered in the future natively but this could be a workaround. :slight_smile:


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