Show Blank Days Option


I like to see my tasks and events and spare time spread over the week. If I have a free day I like to see it.

I achieve this in GoodTask now by having a daily repeating blank event but it would be much better if GoodTask has an option to show this.

I was hoping something like this may make it into version 5 but it doesn’t seem so?



Hi @IanT, thanks for the feedback.

Would you give me some more detail? Do you mean you want to see section showing for all the dates in week/month views?


It would only be applicable in list view. So each day header would show with a blank line below it if there were no events or tasks.

See below.


A bit more...

I find it helpful if Wednesday always follows Tuesday, rather than Friday following Tuesday if there is nothing happening on Wednesday or Thursday.



Thanks for details. I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile: