Show “Day” on Widget

Hi there, I would like to provide a few suggestions that can be made to improve Goodtask Widget.

(1) The option to enable/disable showing “Day” in the widget for the next 7 days. (Just like the stock ios app widget and many others.)

For example, events coming up within the next 7 days would show

Saturday, 27 Aug instead of 27/08/22.

This would personally help me to glance at the information and instantly know if the event would be happening in the coming days or will occur sometime in the future.

(2) Also, I would like to have the choice of changing the date format in widgets.

For instance, (except for today and tomorrow,) the date format could be shown as

27 August or 27 Aug instead of 27/08/22.

Again, this would help with ease of reading.

P.S. I am using the medium widget with calendar turned on, and having these options would definitely improve visuals and ease. I understand that it may not be suitable for other widget use cases, hence having the option to turn it on or off would be good.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm not getting your first suggestion. It seems like the same one with the second one. Am I right?

There are system-wide settings for the date format. I would prefer, that every App respects these user settings. In my case, I use always ISO date format: yyyy-mm-dd.

Yes they are ultimately the same. Except that the first point (1) emphasises on having ”Day” for the next 7 days, while the second point (2) was asking for the option to change future date formats in widget without the day and year.

Apologies for the confusion

Hi @kaschu, thanks for the feedback. Currently the app follows system locale and settings. If you customize separate widget theme, you can make it to follow other languages too. If something is not working as expected, please let me know.

@DServant, thanks for the details. I'll keep it on the list to consider.


+1 for request (1) as a critical feature for me. (If I understand correctly)

I want to use this app and specifically iOS widgets to monitor my plant watering schedule.
I want a list called "water plants", with an item for each plant.
I want a widget that shows a clear distinction between

  1. The plants that are scheduled for watering today
  2. The plants that are scheduled for watering tomorrow and beyond, as space permits.

Currently, if I use list view, it shows me the next 4 plants I need to water, but I can't tell if they need to be watered today or if they are actually scheduled for later in the week without opening the app.

Day view is slightly better. If I have completed all of the tasks on the list for today, the widget is empty, which makes sense, but then it is just a waste of space until tomorrow. I want to know the next day that I have plants to water, be it tomorrow or five days from now, and I want to know what plants need watering on that day.

If there is a setting or configuration I missed to achieve this let me know.

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback, @paluche.

I recommend using List view with a mode that shows due date. You may try out all the options to see if it matches your needs. (Changing modes, show calendar, one column option etc)


Thank you, I was wishing for dates on the compact mode, as I liked having more than two tasks visible but the default mode with the calendar off is acceptable.