Siri suggested event incorrectly appears as birthday. Bug on iPadOS version?

Today GoodTask gave me a day-long task item called “Let’s Play Poker”, which was colored with a grey dot and had a gift icon with a bow next to it. It was flagged as a Birthday event, and they grey dot does correspond with the calendar color for the Birthdays calendar in my iPad’s calendar app.

I did have a recent email exchange setting up a Zoom Poker Night for today, which Siri would have seen, and there are no contacts that I have in my address book that would indicate today being a birthday for anyone.

When I went into Calendar Settings and disabled all of Siri’s event suggestion options, the “birthday” item in GoodTask did go away at the same time as the “Siri Suggestions” calendar disappeared from my Calendar app.

Is GoodTask maybe conflating these two calendars when displaying items? Or is there something that I can/should be doing differently?

Hi @GnomeDePlume, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately data that Apple gives doesn't include info about 'Siri Suggestions'. As far as I know, it shouldn't be included as birthday calendar but since it's not configured, that item might have gone into it.

I recommend restarting the device and check how things go. If the issue persists, send me details to or send it directly to Apple via feedback assistant.


Sounds good... thanks!

Honestly, this may just be the reason I need in order to turn off Siri event suggestions, as I’ve never found it to be helpful enough.

Other feedback: I’ve only had GoodTask for less than a month now, and it only took me a couple days to decide that I wanted to unlock it permanently. It’s been a great experience!

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