Siri Watch Face


I am a things user and I really like everything about GoodTask and am considering making the switch. I can not seem to get any GoodTask cards to show up on the Siri watch face. Any suggestions for getting this to work?


Hi Jordan, thanks for the feedback. Actually Siri watch face manages the items that show up by itself. Normally if you have an upcoming task, the latest one will be shown on Siri watch face. If Siri thinks it's not important, it may not be shown. :disappointed_relieved:

Try checking with a task that will be on due soon. Thanks!


I have created several sample tasks with due dates in the upcoming hours and nothing shows up. Are there any tips or suggestions into coaxing the watch face into thinking these are important?


Well, I think it depends on what you have on Siri watch face. I'm not actively using the face but I see the event right now that's scheduled 3 hours later on top.

Normally you should see the upcoming 1 item (sometimes 2 but it usually show 1 only).

You may want to check Watch app on iPhone and choose 'Siri' watch face, and check 'Data Sources' too.




Since GoodTask based on Reminders app, I only see tasks from reminders app on the Siri Watch Face if I add a task with a due date on the GoodTask. Is it the normal behaviour?


Since Reminders is Apple's own, it shows multiple items right away on it if it's not turned off. Normally latest one item from GoodTask should be shown too.