Smaller layout for the Quick actions


I'm on the beta version and with the great change on the task detail page, the quick action buttons are a bit hidden behind the keyboard on my iPhone. Would it be possible to make the "layout grid" of the quick action buttons smaller? There seem to be plenty of space to gain. Thanks.


Hi @BoEast, thanks for the feedback.

Do you use iPhone 11 Pro? The area showing quick actions vary between devices and on 11 Pro, it's best to use 'Settings - General - Quick Actions - Rows' option as 2 if you prefer using with keyboard showing.

I've tried various sizes but I can't make it smaller on current form. There is a plan to update Quick Actions on later updates and I'll consider this when I get to work on it.



I have an iPhone X, and I have 2 rows showing. It works ok.

Would be great if it's possible to make them smaller at some point in time :slight_smile: