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Is there a way to create a Smart List that by default contains all tasks that have a location (any location) assigned to them? If I create a filter and pick Location Type and leave the selected location blank (‘-‘), I get no tasks. The only way I can get multiple locations in the list is to add a filter for each one, but I was hoping to not have to modify the filter every time I add a location.


Hi @mc1z, thanks for the feedback.

As you said, if you make a smart list with Location filter without choosing any favorites, it should show all the tasks with location-based alert. Try checking in 'List' view.

Thanks and Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


5 of my 24 tasks have locations set. If I set a filter on location and don’t pick a location, I get 0 tasks. If I invert it, I get all 24...



Hmm, it seems a bit weird.

  • Do you use iCloud as Reminders database?
  • How did you add location? Is it made in GoodTask?
  • Does location-based alerts work correctly?
  • How are they shown on GoodTask and Reminders app?

It would be nice to see some screenshots if possible. You may send me an email to



Thanks for the awesome support - 5-star review left moments ago. Answers in line below:

If the above doesn’t help, I’ll take some screenshots and send them in an email, if you like...



It looks perfectly fine. I'd like to see some screenshots if possible.

  1. 'Edit List' page of the smart list with location filter.
  2. 'List' view of that smart list
  3. Task detail of a task with location filter.



Ok - will do. I just did a little testing:

  1. Deleted and re-added a location, reassigned tasks previously assigned to that location - no change.
  2. Created test task in “Inbox” list with “Home” location. Changed filter to Inbox list only - no change. Changed filter to select “Home” location - task shows up. Changed location of task from “Arriving” to “Leaving” - task disappears. (This last test is bizarre, but all of my locations previously were “Arriving”, anyway, so it’s not relevant...)

I’ll get some screenshots together...


Email with screenshots sent, so you should have them shortly...



I've checked the screenshot. I'll put answers on this post for potential readers.

Currently there is a bug that when you choose '-' in 'Favorites', it doesn't work as intended.

Try below.

  • Remove current location filter on 'Edit List' page
  • Add new filter and choose 'Location'

Don't select Favorites and just keep it as is. This should do the job. I'll fix the bug on next update.



Confirmed - that fixes it - awesome - thanks!!!


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