Smart List as a Filter for a Smart List

I'm looking for workflow ideas related to filtering....

I have a few mean Smart Lists that use for Personal, Work, and Home. What makes each smart list unique are the tags I use. These three smart lists evolve over time as the projects I manage for each change.

I also have other Smart Lists that are focused more on time variations (Personal This Week, Work This Week, Personal Next Week, etc).

Any time I use a new filter in the main smart list, I have to go through and update the tags in all of the time based smart lists, which is a lot of administrative work. A great features would be to use an existing Smart List (it's filters) as a filter for a new SmartList so that if I update the main Smart List, the related smart list is automatically updated to.

Is there a feature like this or other options already in place that I should look into?

Thank you for the tips.


Thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently there is no way to share filters through smart lists. You should adjust the filters per smart list.

I’ll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!