Smart list “completed” issue!


I made a smart list “Completed”, so far so good but the list shows almost 0 tasks, when i open it it shows a lot of completed tasks. Why no count on list? How come?


Hi @shihtzu, thanks for the feedback. Count number on list shows tasks that's not completed. To show completed count, you can set option inside 'Settings - General - Show Completed Count'.



I understand Thanks for support!


How does this work?
Is there a way to apply it per-list or only for lists that have no due tasks?

Say I have completed 3 tasks today, and have 4 remaining with Smart Lists.
With Show Completed Count off I think I'd see:

  1. Today & Completed Today. (3)
  2. "Completed Today" (0).

With Show Completed Count, will the first Smart List show 5 tasks or 3?


'Show completed count' option is about showing number on 'Lists' view. If it's turned on, it'll show you count of completed numbers next to current showing count of existing tasks.

'Completed' filter on Smart list is another feature where it shows completed tasks according to the settings.