Smart List Filter Filter Capability

I am using Apple Reminders as my To Do List App.

I have created three Smart Lists in Appel Reminders as follows:

  • Today, which lists ONLY the tasks I need to complete today
  • Tomorrow, which lists ONLY the tasks that I need to complete tomorrow
  • Two Days, which lists ONLY the task that I need to complete in two day's time

The Today Smart List automatically "updates" from day to day through / using the Smart List Setting per the below file (see the red ellipse).

The Tomorrow and Two Days list criteria I need to set manually at the start of each day as I can find / see no way to "automate" this (i.e., roll these forward similar to the Today list) and it is becoming annoying.


  1. Please let me know whether GoodTask has the capability.

  2. What doe it mean that Good Task is a Reminders add-on; for example, do I open Reminders or GoodTask (i.e., as in a separate app, how do Reminders ad Good task work together (i.e., are changes in one reflected in the other, etc.)?

Thank you.

Hi @Joel, thanks for reaching out.

GoodTask uses database from Reminders app so it shares the basic tasks. You can open both apps and will see the same data.

But there are some data that Apple doesn't share which is not shown on GoodTask such as tags, smart lists & groups (within Reminders), flags and some more.

All the smart lists you've mentioned is available on GoodTask.

You can try it out for free on all devices so you may take a look first. Thanks!

Appreciate the response, I will give it a try.

Thank you.

Apologies but one more question.

As Reminders and Good Task shares the same data base, will changes to reminders (i.e., adding new reminders, completing reminders, editing notes within a reminder, etc.) be mirrored in both Reminders and Good Task?

Thank you.

Yes, that’s right. It’ll work that way. Thanks!

Excellent and thank you, I will give it a try.

One more item, I have read the User Guide and understand how to set up a Good Task Smart List for:

  • Today's reminders (i.e., it is one of the options); and
  • Tomorrow's reminders (i.e., it too is one of the options).

I do not see / understand how to setup a Good Task Smart List for Two Days' reminders which will a) list only those tasks that are due in two day's time and b) auto "roll forward / update" when the day / date changes (i.e., in the same away that Today's and Tomorrow's Smart List will auto "roll forward / update" when the day / date changes.

Please share with me how this can be done so that I properly test Good Task.

Thank you.

You can make 'Scheduled: Within 2 days' to include today + tomorrow. It'll also include overdue items. If you want to remove them, you can make another filter with overdue tasks and exclude them. Thanks!

Appreciate the response but this is not what I am trying to do.

I am trying to create a Smart List that lists ONLY the reminders that need to be complete in two days from today; for of example, if today were a Tuesday then:

TODAY Smart List would ONLY list the reminders that are due on Tuesday.

TOMORROW Smart List would ONLY list the reminders that are due on Wednesday.

TWO DAYS Smart List would ONLY list the reminders that are due on Thursday.

With that clarified, how do I create the TWO DAYS smarty list do that it’s content automatically rolls forward like the TODAY and TOMORROW Smart Lists do?

In that case, you can add filter like this.

  • Scheduled: Within 3 days
  • Scheduled: Within 2 days with invert checked (Operation: AND)


Excellent, I am certainly going to give it a try! Thank you!

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I have downloaded the trial version and have started t configure / setup the macOS version of the app (note: I hope I do not have to reconfigure it when I purchase the app).

Completed Smart List: Is there a way to get the count of the number of items in the Completed Smart List in the same as as one can get the count of the items in other Smart Lists (note: I know once can get the complete items in all Smart Lists as an setting but this is to what I am looking for).

Comment: The learning curve is a bit steep but manageable. It will likely take some time to get completed dialled in.

Feature Request: Please add FULL formatting capability to the 'Notes" section, it would be incredibly helpful!

Thank you.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

You can adjust 'Preferences - Appearance - Lists: Show Completed Count' to show the count number for completed tasks in the list.



I do note that it would be better to have the number of coopted tasks IN A COMPLETED TASK Smart List show in the column / location as other Smart Lists show the number of reminders / tasks.


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